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Newborns enter the world with a blank slate, eagerly awaiting a name to be bestowed upon them. Why not choose a name that resonates with their unique identity? Explore our extensive collection of baby names categorized by the first alphabet or origin to discover delightful possibilities for your little one!

About was created to help expectant parents and grandparents choose the best baby names possible. The website includes hundreds of baby names from different cultures and provides information on the meaning of names, origin, and gender associations. There are many reasons for choosing a particular name for your baby. The definitions of names can be inspirational, commemorate a person, honor a loved one, express ethnic origins, or signify other attributes. We have 140,000+ unique names across different regions, religions, and ethnicity. Our baby names are categorized by origin/ethnicity, gender, rating, number of syllables, lucky number, and more. It is said that names are of great significance in one's life and since it stays with us forever, it has to be well thought of and have a nice meaning or affiliations.